Common Students’ Misconceptions


NEGATIVE THINKING:  I only need to study the problems the teacher has assigned.

BETTER THINKING:  I should study all the problems and even some additional problems from other books.


NEGATIVE THINKING:  I am so busy, so I can only study just before the tests, quizzes or the exam.

BETTER THINKING:  I should study every day regularly to understand the subject better.


NEGATIVE THINKING:  The teacher should have given me full marks for this question.  My teacher doesn’t like me.

BETTER THINKING:  When I get my test paper, I should go over all the problems in it so that I can see my mistakes, and learn from them. If I don’t understand the teacher’s marking, I should talk to the teacher.


NEGATIVE THINKING:  I have to memorize the method for solving a problem.

BETTER THINKING:  I should learn both the concept and the method.  Otherwise, if I get a different problem, I cannot solve it.


NEGATIVE THINKING:  After I solve a problem, I do not need to check the result.

BETTER THINKING:  I should check the result to see if the result is reasonable. If it is not reasonable, I may have made a mistake.


NEGATIVE THINKING:  My teacher does not solve this problem by this method. S/he solves it differently.

BETTER THINKING:   There is no one way to solve a problem.  Instead, there are various ways to solve a problem. I should understand all the different ways of solution.  Scientists should be open-minded.

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