What is your qualification? Do you have any teaching experience?
We each have a master’s degree in engineering. We have extensive teaching and tutoring experience. For more information, please click “About Us”.

We have lots of math and physics resources. You can access those resources by the links at the Home page, and also the menu bar located at the bottom of the page.

We have also lots of math and physics videos posted on YouTube. You can access those videos by the links at the Home page.

What is your tutoring method?
Our tutoring is completely one-on-one. We don’t use a fixed tutoring method because we find that every student has different abilities and expectations. Instead, we customize our methods based on each student’s needs, abilities, and expectations. We explain the concepts by providing examples, and helping with their homework. Additionally, we review their tests with them, and provide them with extra practice problems.

Click for more about our tutoring methods… We have lots of materials, handouts, and more than 60 math, physics and chemistry books. We give the students handouts and lend books on request.

How many tutors do you have?
This is a small family business with three tutors. Please click About Us on the menu bar to see the tutors.

Since we do not hire any tutors, we provide the best tutoring services with reasonable rates. 

Can you guarantee that the students will get higher marks after taking several tutoring?
All of our students’ marks increase considerably after a few tutoring sessions.

Can you give us a reference or show testimonials?
Some websites include testimonials. Although our students offer us to be references or give testimonials, we do not want to include testimonials in our website. We believe that testimonials are not reliable.

Instead of testimonials, we suggest that you watch our math and physics videos and see the comments. These comments are not written by us. They are real and made by people who value our effort. To read some of these comments, please click
Most of our students are referred to us by our former students. We are on all the local high schools’ list of recommended tutors.

Do you tutor any subjects other than math, physics and chemistry?
We are highly specialized in mathematics, physics and chemistry. We focus on these subjects rather than trying to teach many different subjects to attract more students.

Do you give assessment tests?
We give an assessment test upon request. An assessment test can be useful in a limited way; it may give us a general idea about the knowledge and skill level of the student. However, it does not give specific and detailed information on the areas of strength and the areas where improvement is needed. We can assess a student more accurately after a couple of tutoring sessions.

Do you do group tutoring?
We prefer to tutor one-on-one because we believe that this is much more beneficial for the student. If you would prefer group tutoring, we are willing to do that. However, we do not arrange the groups. We have ample classroom teaching experience.

Where do you tutor?
We tutor in our home, the student’s home, school or library depending on the student’s preference.

Can parents be present during tutoring sessions?
We welcome parents to be present during the tutoring sessions if they would like.

How many students do you have?
We have a good number of students from high school, college and universities. We have several regular students, and also have some who take tutoring whenever they need.

Is the travel time included in the tutoring time when the tutor comes to the students’ home?
No, travel time is not included in the tutoring time.

Do I need to sign a contract for the tutoring?
There are no contracts and no long-term commitments. Our tutoring service is flexible.

Can I meet the tutors before making a final decision?
Yes, you can meet us before making decision. After the meeting, you are free to decide.

What is the best way to find a tutor that best suits our purpose?
Searching on the internet, looking at the fliers posted on the bulletin boards, asking school guidance counsellors, teachers and friends are the ways to find a tutor. Before contacting a tutor, it will be helpful to visit the tutor’s website and read all the information available. If you cannot make a decision, get an appointment from the tutor.

When are you available for tutoring?
We tutor seven days a week, from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.  Our hours are based on what time works best for you.

How can I schedule for tutoring?
You can contact us by phone or email. Most of our students prefer to be tutored on a regular basis. However, some students have tutoring whenever they need.

We recommend that the students schedule an appointment a few days in advance to get the best time for them.

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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