More about our tutoring methods

Our first aim is to make sure that the student understands the concept of the topics. We teach the concept with examples. First, we practice problems with the student to show how to apply the formulas. Later we explain how the formulas are produced. Basically, first practice, second theory. Understanding the theory is harder than the application of the formulas.

Those are the typical tutoring methods we use for various students’ needs:

– Some students have already high marks. Yet, they want to get even higher marks, and learn the subject very deeply. In this case, we go over the topics with the student very intensely, study the theory and solve many examples. We also provide lots of extra challenging problems.

– Some students ask help only in their homework. We help with their homework, and teach the topics while doing the homework.

– Some students may not be sure what to study. In this case, we teach materials from the student’ notes textbooks, homework’s and previous tests. We also show examples from our resources.

– Some students missed some classes and want to learn certain part of the subject only. In this case, we teach the topics, show related examples and give necessary materials, etc.

– Some students want to prepare for the final exam. In this case, we prepare a study plan, and tutor the subjects based on this plan.

– Some students have low marks, and therefore need for intense tutoring. We prepare a tutoring program, and carry out the tutoring based on this program.

– Some students may not be interested in the concept, and just want to pass the course. We understand it since most students are generally very busy, and have not enough time to learn the subject very deeply. However, we still try to teach the concept during solving examples.

– Some students take tutoring during their summer holidays to learn the subjects for the next school’s year. In this case, we prepare a study program, and tutor the subject based on this program. We have lots of textbooks and resources. We can lend our textbooks and necessary materials to the students during the tutoring period.

– Some students want to prepare for the university after graduating high schools. We have lots of university math and physics books. We plan the tutoring based on the course outline of the subject.

We can add more examples for the method of tutoring, but it is not possible to list them all here. Basically, our method of tutoring is flexible to fit the students’ condition…

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