Study Tips for Students

We have some experience about studying efficiently. We give our point of view about it below, hoping to help you:

  • First important thing, you should have your own study area in a quiet place in your home, and have your own desk large enough to spread out your materials, available at all time.
  • Prepare a study schedule for a day or week.
  • Always review the day’s notes after school. You had better review the class material when it’s fresh.
  • When you study, take breaks if you get tired and frustrated.
  • Pretend that you are a teacher, and explain the topic to yourself. You can also learn while teaching.
  • Promise that you’ll reward yourself if you study for a period of time and reach your goal.
  • Study with your friends if you believe more efficient.
  • Change your method of study if you cannot achieve success.
  • Study the subject matter every day. Do not wait until the tests or exams.
  • Get help if you get confused. Sometimes very simple subject seems very difficult to you if you are confused.
  • If you have a tutor, prepare before meeting the tutor. Decide in which area you need help. Get your questions ready. Go over the topics again after the tutoring.
  • Instead of solving lots of similar types of problems, solve fewer problems, but make sure you understand them well.
  • You may not fully understand the main idea of a topic at the beginning. Do not try very hard to understand it, just proceed, and do the exercises. You will understand fully later.
  • There are always several sample problems in all the textbooks. First try to solve the problems by own without looking at the solutions. If you cannot solve them, look briefly at a few lines of the solution. Try again. Compare your solution with the book’s solution after you completed the problem.
  • Do all the homework and assignments assigned by the teacher. Do extra exercises if you have time.
  • Try not to miss any classes. If you miss a class, take the notes from your classmates, and ask their help about what was taught.
  • Always come to the class prepared. Do not hesitate to ask questions to your teacher whenever you need. Teachers like the inquisitive students.
  • When you try to solve a question, read it very carefully, take notes, underline the key points and draw a diagram (in scale) if necessary.
  • Always have several sharpened pencils, eraser, rulers, protractors and scientific calculator for the quiz, test or exam.
  • When you study, do not use calculator for simple calculations. Try it to calculate mentally to improve your mental math skills. Memorize the multiplication table. But you can use calculators in quiz, test or exam to save time. After solving a problem, evaluate if the result is reasonable.
  • If you finish all the questions during the quiz, test or exam, use your extra time reviewing your solutions and checking your answers.
  • If you have a very hard question in the test, skip that question, go the next one. If you have extra time, you can go over the question again. Do not stick to a question; otherwise you will waste your valuable time.

For more study tips, you can look at the websites given below:

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